Troop 97 Patrol Camping

What is Patrol Camping

Troop 97 usually camps as a patrol, meaning that each patrol will be responsible for their own campsite and meal preparation. A week or two before a campout the PLC will set aside time for each patrol to plan for the upcoming campout. Troop bucks will be made available during this meeting so that funds can be provided to the Grubmaster to purchase food. A menu will be planned and a preliminary duty roster (chores list) will be assigned.

Role of the Patrol Leader

The Patrol Leader or if the patrol leader is not attending the event the acting patrol leader will lead this portion of the meeting. The Patrol will collectively complete the Campout Planning Guide assigning duties and creating a menu. The menu needs to be approved by the Scoutmaster or one of the Assistant Scoutmaster if assigned. Once completed the menu portion of the planning guide should be given to the Grubmaster.

Role of the Grubmaster

Before leaving the meeting the Grubmaster needs to make sure they have the Patrol's cooler and dry box or makes arrangements with whoever in the patrol has them. They then are responsible for purchasing the food and preparing the cooler and dry box by completeing the following checklist Grubmaster Check List.

Grubmaster note that it is often helpful to repackage and prepare some foods. For instance if you are planning on having tacos, brown the ground beef at home. It will be easier and quicker to prepare partial cooked meals and you have less risk of spoilage.

Role of the entire Patrol

The night before the campout make sure you have all your gear packed (don't rely on your mother, she will forget something you will need). Then when you arrive at camp cheerfully help everyone to setup camp and complete the duties your Patrol Leader assigns. Remember you will get a turn to be Patrol Leader someday, treat your Patrol Leader like you would want to be treated.

Finally have Fun!